About us

An endless range of our creativity and customization makes our art treasures cross all the barriers .We design, manufacture and export the finest and admirable marble and other natural stone artifacts and products. Food -safe lacquering is mandated on all the products in metal and marble as we cater to requirements of hotel industry and personal needs.

Our vast range is garnished with intricate carvings, beautified paintings and topped up with glowing pure gold leaf work. The feast of daring imaginations is served to you as we do interesting combinations in marble, metal and wood. Our creations form an integral part of classic designs and simple arrangements; but add a resonance of its own... Its always tricky to flatter a product with unusual color combinations to create a different look rather than the natural and common color groups. We believe in no rules as we want to be ''the trend setters ''as far as color schemes, techniques and unusual base combinations are concerned.

Rajasthan is the land of colors, beauty and art in it's roots. The marble products endlessly range from arches, pillars, art objects, staircase raiser, furniture and candle stands. Others in the line are trays, bowls, vases, chopra, pooja thali, Buddha,Lord Ganesha, visiting card holders and the list goes on and on and on.....Fine sprinkle of lustrous kundans and reflection of bright colors other than the usual red, green and blue is been embellished in the crafted pieces. Techniques like enameling, texturing and embossing further augment the beauty.A gel of metal, silver plating gives an interesting unfold to art.

Numerous ways of decorating your homes, offices, hotels and resorts do crop up in our minds without a break. It includes showing the workmanship on home decor, temples, art pieces and customized demand.

Common thinking, common choice and common path has to be left and that's the reason for which our skills are opted for... once and forever. Waiting to glow your interiors, exteriors and your soul be beautified with the grandeur , utility and style statement we cast....!